Pulse Bit Silt

Tomas Phillips

Minimalism has many faces.『Pulse Bit Silt』is pockmarked, a bit unwieldy, but intentional in its expression. Its features repeat, or emerge as a singular event. Its skin is full of craters, though smoother surfaces might suddenly betray a sheen. And what it expresses is the desire to flesh out the otherwise propitious void of sound, in retrospect. To revisit forgotten - because excessive - sonic gestures that add a little makeup, massage in some cream, and incrementally touch up the countenance weathered by age and half a century of noise. -Tomas Phillips

パルス ビット シルト
トーマス フィリップス

もはや円熟の域に達した感のあるこのアーティスト、〈SAD rec.〉ではおなじみ、Tomas Phillipsの、これは最高傑作で間違いない。これまでの音源よりも更に音域幅が広がった作風、大きくアップデートされた音像は見事。ジャケットのアートワークも、トーマス自身によるペインティングを撮影したものです。200枚限定、デジパック仕様12cmCD。

Track list

01. _bgnop
02. polyhedra
03. puls_
04. vladd
05. ping art
06. nakuapisha copy


AUDIO CD - 6 Tracks - 36’12”
Limited 200 copies

Performed by Tomas Phillips
Mastered by DOVUASKI at SAD lab., 2018
Original painting for jacket and inner by Tomas Phillips
Painting photography by Dean King

First release on 12  May 2020
Distributed by Inpartmaint Inc